We are a group of people who are on a spiritual journey. We are a community of faith, established by God and being nurtured by God through each other. We seek to better know our Creator, to accept and embrace God’s love, and to learn to love our neighbor as ourselves. We are discovering all of the gifts that God has given each of us and learning to use them to benefit everyone. We are Christians. We seek to be partners with others in creating a world of peace and justice for all. We are harvesting a people of faith, a community of hope, and a place of empowerment.

Harvest MCC is affiliated with the Global Alliance of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). MCC emphasizes that everything in our life should reflect our relationship with God. This God becomes relevant in Jesus who related to Samaritans (foreigners), women (who were considered inferior), lepers (social outcasts), sinners (supposedly rejected by God), eunuchs (who would not produce children) and many others.

Harvest welcomes all who will stand for justice and peace in God’s love. All are welcome to share in worship and ministry.